May Marine Mash Up

Our May assignment for MATS had us creating plates for the home decor market, with the theme of Marine Mash Up. We were tasked to design a plate or collection of plates that featured crustacean illustrations and pattern design. What I enjoy most about Lilla’s classes is the ability to push me out of my comfort zone and try new things. This was my first time designing for plates and also incorporating crustaceans into a design. I’ll admit that drawing crustaceans was not my favorite thing, but I really loved creating the pattern elements, painting with watercolor, and putting everything together into a design for a plate collection! Since working with watercolors was my favorite part of the assignment, I named my collection The Painted Sea.

Here are some images that show initial doodles to final design.

crab-1 crab-2


Experimenting with ideas for pattern design in my sketchbook.


A collection of icons created for the final design.


Putting the icons together and mocking up in Photoshop.


Stacked version of plate collection.


Final design.

I hope to create a surface pattern design from this collection for possible use on curtains, tea towels, aprons, maybe even an art print or two. Stay tuned!

The class gallery is live! You can see the fabulous work of my fellow classmates here.

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