Poster Design for The Global Art Gathering

April’s MATS Bootcamp assignment was quite a challenge and I enjoyed every minute! The project had me focused on many skills – hand lettering, graphic design, illustration, and fine art – all for the editorial market.  Our assignment was to do a poster for the Make Art That Sells Global Art Gathering that will take place in Brighton, UK in June.

Here is what the event is about from the MATS website: “Make Art That Sells: The Global Art Gathering will bring together leading experts from the art industry with artists from all over the world, to explore how to build a flourishing art/design career by making great art that is commercially viable. The event will be held at the stunning Brighton Dome in Brighton, one of the most creative cities in Europe, on June 12, 2015. Led by host Lilla Rogers, one of the top art agents in the US who has sold art for products worth over $100 million, this event is not to be missed. It will be a special opportunity to get an insight into what art sells and why, how to find more joy in your art and make a healthy living from your creativity. This is a chance to connect with other artists, grow your community and build your creative confidence.”

You can view the entire class gallery, featuring the original artworks of over 300+ fabulous poster designs here.
Below I am sharing my poster design and the process that got me to the final piece.


We were challenged to incorporate hand lettering into our posters. The mini warm up assignment was to practice our lettering skills with the event title “The Global Art Gathering”


More lettering practice


A collection of different elements and ideas that brought me to my final piece (shown in the center). I really wanted to incorporate traditional artwork and illustrations into the final piece. Since I love painting, drawing people, and collage, I decided to explore these mediums. I had a vision for the final piece, but decided to let the design evolve as I incorporated the different elements. We were also given a color palette which I tried to stay within. I adjusted some colors in Photoshop after scanning in the paintings.


After I brought the paintings, illustrations, and lettering into Photoshop, I experimented with placement and layout.


Final poster design submission

Thanks for checking out my latest project!



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